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Cleaning Real Wood Flooring

Cleaning Real Wood Flooring

Your easy-to-read guide on cleaning your newly installed real wood flooring.

A new wood floor adds a touch of class and elegance to your home. You can use them sparingly, or have each room kitted out in high quality timber flooring. It is an attractive alternative to LVT flooring, and to tiles. If you want your new wood floor to last, however, you need to maintain it and take the proper care to protect that longevity. Get it right, and your wooden floor could last for decades.

We put together this short guide to cleaning your wooden floor so that you get the best results.

Flooring is a natural haven for dirt, grime, and germs

Our flooring sees constant use, all day long. From the high traffic areas to the parts of your new wooden floor that you do not use, we expose our floors to the worst kind of dirt. When we do not clean our floors, the bacteria that we stand in outdoors comes inside the home and to fester.

There are ways we can combat this, and one of them is by cleaning our floors regularly. You should not wear your shoes indoors if you can help it. Another tip is to instal doormats at every entranceway to take dirt and grime off shoes on the way in.

How to Clean Timber flooring

When you have a real wood floor in your home, you quickly learn that it needs special care. A light wooden floor will stain if you do not mop up spills quickly. Wood is tough but should not be left to soak up water. Fortunately, cleaning your real wood flooring is not difficult. Here are our top tips for keeping things spick and span in your house.

Start with a Sweep

Sweep your floor with a soft bristled brush. Avoid hard bristles, which can scratch high polish finishes. The point in sweeping often is to remove the grit which can dull the finish over time. You ought to sweep your hard wood flooring at least weekly, according to the experts at Good Housekeeping.

What will you need?

To clean a real wood floor, you will need a mop and bucket, some floor cleaner that is specific to your type of flooring, and a little elbow grease. Be sure to sweep with a dustpan and brush before you begin. Do not use a steam mop or cleaner since these can melt the finish on the wood.

You can vacuum a real wood floor but a brush is better. Vacuums can leave scratches and scrapes as the wheels run over the flooring. Be sure to use a soft headed vacuum cleaner if you do opt for this choice. As well, make sure you use a pull along vacuum cleaner and not an upright. Uprights are heavier and can cause more damage to the finish.

Cleaning your real wood floor

Start at the end of the room farthest from the door and work your way outside. Wet your mop and completely wring the water out, a wooden floor should not sit wet. The type of finish you have will affect the products you use, so make sure you use a lacquer safe soap for a lacquered finish, and an oil or wax safe soap for other finishes.