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How to Clean LVT Flooring

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How to Clean LVT Flooring

Have you just invested in a new luxury vinyl floor covering but do not know how to clean it? We can help.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the ideal alternative flooring choice for the busy household. It is easy to keep clean, simple to lay, and doesn’t soak up dirt and germs like carpets do. Householders all over the country are waking up to the fact that vinyl flooring can be just as luxurious as a full shag rug.

Due to the popularity of LVT flooring, we thought it was high time we advised our readers on how to clean it effectively.

What Makes LVT Flooring a Great Choice?

LVT flooring gives you the best of both worlds. It comes in a wide array of colours, patterns, and prints. Most popular are the imitation LVT flooring types. Wood, stone, tile, and brick, give the impression of a high end finish, without the high end cost involved in outfitting your home with a marble floor.

Vinyl is popular because it is hard wearing and long lasting. It does not absorb spills, nor does it store germs when washed correctly. Scientists recommend vinyl flooring over carpets for those with allergies. Here is how you can wash your LVT flooring to make sure you are protecting your loved ones from bacteria.

How to Keep it Clean?

We listed the best LVT flooring cleaning tips below, so you can keep your flooring looking good for longer.

Best practice for stain removal?

To avoid staining, clean up messes as they happen. Keep a stain remover spray for ingrained dirt. Check that the product will not harm a vinyl floor if you do so. The product will tell you on the label.

How often do I wash LVT Flooring?

You should clean your flooring once a week or more. This prevents the build-up of dirt and debris and allows you to check the flooring for signs of damage. LVT flooring is long lasting, but not if you do not detect ongoing leaks or burns.

What do I wash it with?

You will need a mop and mop bucket. You may buy an electronic mop or floor cleaner, but you must not use a steam based floor cleaning device. Steam mops get too hot and may damage your floors.

You will need hot water, though not boiling. You will need soap of your choosing. Avoid bleaches and follow the instructions on the bottle. Specialised floor cleaners are best but a small amount of dish soap is acceptable in a soap emergency.

A quick warning on floor cleaners: check they list vinyl flooring as compatible on the label.

How do I wash my LVT floor?

The floor should never soak. It should not sit wet. Dip your mop in the hot soapy water and wring it out thoroughly. The mop should be damp, not wet. Remember, using too much product will make the floor slippery. So will wax and other polishing products. A buff with a dry mop will reinvigorate the shine.

Start at the far end of a room and work your way back towards the door, wiping as you go. Repeat this process throughout your home until the floors are clean.