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Top 10 benefits for having LVT fitted.

- Durability - LVT is extremely hard wearing , which creates for heavy foot traffic and exposure to moisture.

- Warmth - Provides a cushioned feel underfoot.

- Cost - LVT is affordable alternative which brings luxury and sophistication to your home.

- Maintenance - Cleaning LVT is really easy, with it being hard wearing and protected you can afford to be a little rough and give it a deep clean.

- Versatile - Water proof, hard wearing and excellent grip. LVT is also slip resistant which makes it the ideal product for kitchens and bathrooms.

- Innovative design - The finishing product makes it very similar to hardwood. LVT can also come in patterned and mosaic designs.

- Easy installation - The system operates with a click lock system which makes the installation quick and easy.

- Replacements - LVT is sold in individual packs so you can simply replace the tile in the affected area.

- Life span - The average life span of LVT is 25-30 years depending on maintenance, traffic and location.

- Insulates sound - Comparable to other types of flooring, LVT is quieter to walk on.

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