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Experts in

Experts in Quick Step Flooring


 Affordable, high-quality, timeless flooring from a big brand in flooring beauty.

We pride ourselves on bringing our customers the best quality flooring that we can source. Quick-Step floors have seen public focus for over thirty years now, first breaking into the flooring scene with a combination laminate flooring material that made laying your own real wood floor a simple matter.

Today, you can buy Quick-Step flooring through our Colchester carpet and tile store. You receive the high-quality finishes of a well-known brand of fixtures, while simultaneously benefiting from the dedicated craftsmanship found only with the Manningtree Tiles & Flooring experts.

Quick-Step Floor designers emerged in 1990 and have produced excellent quality floors ever since. We are delighted to add our own 35 years of experience as flooring retailers and installers in the Essex area to their depth of knowledge and expertise. Together, Manningtree Tiles & Flooring plus Quick-Step Floor Designers make a formidable team.



Quick-Step Floor Designers are a flooring manufacturer that focuses on laboratory-tested flooring solutions. The company name reflects the style and ease of the wooden, vinyl, and LVT solutions they provide. Their flooring is known to be beautifully finished, often inspiring spaces with the classic feel of fresh-cut wood or high-end vinyl.

If you are wondering why you should choose Quick-Step flooring over other types of flooring, there are many areas to consider. The designers with Quick-Step have been producing high-performance floors for over thirty years now. They produce an excellent range of choices in wooden, LVT, and even vinyl flooring for your home or property.

Quick-step floors match the skirting boards for a seamless finish. They are waterproof, wipe clean, and easy to maintain. Their products are often scratch resistant, making them ideal for family homes or areas of high traffic.

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What Our Customers Say


Quick-Step flooring and luxury laminate flooring are one and the same. Rather than compete with LVT, Quick-Step Floor Designers produce their own makes of vinyl flooring. The finished product is a gorgeous, long-lasting finish which draws in the eye. You receive a product which is easy to clean, maintenance-minimal, and should last for years to come. When you choose other types of LVT brands, you may receive a similar finish but perhaps without that added aspect of experience and quality of design.

Installing Quick-Step Floors

We are delighted to be a fully-fledged installer of Quick-Step Floor Designers products. Our expert fitters are fully skilled in laying all types of flooring solutions throughout the Colchester and Essex area. We provide service with a smile, work as quickly as we can, and aim to leave your home as we found it – plus some beautiful new flooring, of course.

Call Us Today to Install Quick-Step Floors in Colchester

If you are decided on your choice of flooring, you can call us for a quote. You can even call us for advice if you can’t decide which product suits you. Dial (01206) 395163 today to get a quote or to talk with our trusted team.

Book A Quick-Step Quote Today.

If you are decided on your choice of flooring, you can call us for a quote. You can even call us for advice if you can’t decide which product suits you. Call 01206 395163 today or contact us via our online form to get a quote or to talk with our trusted team.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I prepare the subfloor before installing Quick-Step flooring?

    To achieve satisfactory results while installing a Quick-Step vinyl floor, it’s crucial to prepare the subfloor accordingly. This involves cleaning and drying it efficiently while removing any debris or lumps present on the surface. In case there are damaged regions that require repair, you must do so before levelling out the area entirely. Our expert fitters will do this job quickly and efficiently.

    How long does Quick Step flooring typically last?

    With proper installation and regular maintenance, it can last for many years. While the exact lifespan may vary depending on factors such as foot traffic and maintenance routines, you can generally expect Quick-Step flooring to provide excellent performance and beauty for 10 to 20 years or even longer.

    Can Quick-Step flooring be installed in homes with pets?

    The good news is yes – absolutely! This type of floor has numerous advantages when it comes to durability – making it resistant to scratches caused by animal claws as well as stains and other pet-related accidents. By opting with this superior-quality choice of floors means you can enhance the visual appeal of your residence while crafting a robust solution that lasts over time.