We dedicate ourselves to providing a friendly, informative and efficient service, leaving you more time to enjoy your new flooring. In order to take the hassle out of your purchase we also offer a set of unique and comprehensive flooring services.


Our carpet fitters can provide:

Free Measuring
Carpet Fitting
Carpet tiles
Carpet Re-stretching
Felt / Foam backed carpets
Hessian / Jute backed carpets
Secondary backed carpets



Engineered Wood
Rug and mat whipping/fringing
and more

  We generally travel up to 20 miles from Essex and Suffolk but please enquire wherever you are.


Due to having such an extensive range, we would highly recommend you visit our showroom. 

When you enter our showroom you will be able to look and feel the samples and find your perfect flooring.

You can borrow the samples so you can get a feel for it in your home and designated space.


Whatever size job, our team can remove and dispose of your old carpets and flooring responsibly.


If you’re looking to remove a carpet that has already been lifted, or looking for us to help rip it up too,

we’re happy to help.

There are only a few facilities nationwide that can full recycle carpets due to their complex make-up, but we will always seek to dispose of your old carpets, flooring, tiles and underlay in a safe and eco-friendly way. 

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Occasionally, unlevel floors can present issues.


The process of latexing allows us to rectify uneven concrete or screed flooring as well as lay any flooring solution directly onto the surface.


Latexing can also be used to repair damaged floors without the hassle of replacing the entire floor, reducing the time taken and cost of the project significantly.

When applying stick down flooring we will use plyboard wood to smooth and level concrete and screed floors.


You've had new flooring and now its time to look after it. We don't just forget about you, so will always be a phone call away for any advice regarding the up keep of your flooring.

We will be able to give advice in regards to how to treat stains, scratches and so on.

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